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Thursday, 18 July 2013

CDN: Content Delivery Networks in the Context of Security

In Information Security, we very frequently discuss the merits and challenges of Confidentiality and Integrity, but alas, Availability regularly takes the back seat...

 In today's world of Dynamic Web Content, 24/7 uptime requirements, expectations of immediately downloads, and Customers that come to you from anywhere around the world, Content Deliver Networks are fast becoming a commodity service.

 In our Enterprise Reference Architecture, we have all been taught to remove single points of failure.  A High Availability (HA) environment consists of:
  • Duplicate Network Switches with redundancy protocols
  • Duplicate routers with redundancy protocols
  • Duplicate firewalls with Heartbeat
  • Redundant ISP circuits from two different providers
  • redundant power supplies in all critical infrastructure, supplied from...
  • Redundant street power from two separate grids
  • Cluster or HA servers for critical systems such as Corporate Websites 
These are all wonderful in a fair and decent world.... However... 

Where your Company's Image / Brand / Reputation meets your consumers, at your WebServers... there a higher level of risk, and a greater requirement for un-interrupted availability.

Enter the Content Delivery Networks (CDN)


 Content Delivery Networks provide a Geographically Disperse Web Service to replicate the content of your Web Servers, and provide that to your Customers in a highly available mode.

Most of the CDN providers use a subscription based approach with initial trial periods to evaluate their services.   Almost all of them provide:

 Introducing a CDN service to front your Critical Corporate websites not only makes sense, but will greatly enhance your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity programme.

Content Delivery Network Providers:  
(nowhere near a compete list, and with mergers and aquisitions... )


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